Kalmanovitch Maneri Duo

About the Kalmanovitch Maneri Duo

In the tradition of chamber music, yet stylistically uncategorizable, violists Tanya Kalmanovitch and Mat Maneri bring the full range of their individual influences and experiences to their improvisation. Their focus is on the interaction itself: using the broadest possible palette of musical gestures, inflections and vocabularies to the act of communicating simply and deeply. 


Praised for his high degree of individualism and a distinctive marriage of jazz and microtonal music, violist and violinist Mat Maneri has established an international reputation as one of the compelling artists of his generation. His recordings are widely acknowledged as among the most important developments in improvised music. Maneri lives in Brooklyn, NY and teaches at the New School.

Over the course of a 25-year career, violist, writer and ethnomusicologist Tanya Kalmanovitch has continually re-defined what a 21st century musician can be. She teaches in the Department of Contemporary Improvisation at New England Conservatory, and is Coordinator of Entrepreneurship at Mannes College the New School for Music.

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