The Listening Dyad: Teaching Demonstration at NETMCDO 2019

his exercise uses listening dyads (structured, paired discussions in which participant exchange the roles of dedicated listener and speaker) to uncover, define and articulate the essence of our personal, artistic and professional stories. In pairs, participants will first take turns responding to a series of prompts that elicit the key experiences, values, relationships and goals that shape them as artists and people; then mirror one another’s responses to identify what matters most — the “nut graf” that distills a story to its essence. Participants who complete this session will learn a powerful tool for focused listening and storytelling that can be used to engage audiences, craft compelling communications (marketing materials, mission statements, personal essays, pitches, speeches) while, at the same time, building inclusive communities in the classroom.

Presented at NETMCDO Conference, Manhattan School of Music, New York NY, 21 May 2019. Download the presentation handout here.